Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Perspective on Aging

 Today I watched my dad's partner skydive. I was a little iffy about going myself, so I didn't. Plus it's $275, which is money I can't afford to spend at this time. After seeing for myself how fun it really is, and how your stomach doesn't do flip-flops after you jump out, I totally want to go. I wouldn't jump by myself just yet because I don't have the experience, but I would have an instructor. Plus, you can get it on DVD. Hello, bragging rights!
 Anywho, before he boarded I saw the coolest thing in the world. There was this group of 70 year-old men in the group before him that were all dressed up their jumpsuits with their gear all ready to go. They were the most badass group of old guys I'd ever seen. They were regulars. 70 years old and jumping out of planes as a hobby. I only hope I am this cool when I'm old.

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