Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boredom At Its Finest

This is my current coping mechanism for my state of boredom. I went on Google and typed in "nom nom nom" and looked through the images sections. I ended up saving a bunch of really hilarious pictures because I'm a dork and would rather do dorky things than be in bed sleeping like all them old people :P

That said, here is what I found:

Cute little bunny noms!


This one is kind of horrible, yet funny.

This one looks more like reverse nomming, which is fancy, made-up slang for barfing...
Too cute...

Bahahahaha there are no words!

 Needless to say, not much is going on at my end of the internet. Ooh! I also saw this picture of a rubix cube sandwich:
This is completely irrelevant to this post, however this is too awesome not to post. It was under the "nom nom nom" Google images, so technically it is semi-relevant. It is also a clear indicator of how hungry I am and how desperately I need to go grocery shopping.

That is all.

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