Monday, May 16, 2011

Operation Thrive: Day 1

Day 1 of my new diet
Breakfast: Bowl of shredded wheat, unfrosted with skim milk, and a cup of coffee with creamer and about 2 tsp sugar. Calories: 320

Midmorning, Pre-class "lunch," if you will: Veggie omelet with only 1 egg, diced peppers, onions, and tomatoes, and cheese. Calories: Roughly 200-250, counting the skim milk, veggies and cheese.

Afternoon, Post-class Lunch: Bowl of plain oatmeal sweetened with a tsp of peanut butter (gimme a break here, my dad had NO food in the house. I had little to work with), and a spoonful of hot fudge found in the fridge (I was craving chocolate really badly). Calories: 228

Dinner: Fage Greek yogurt, unsweetened and VERY bitter, with a handful of baby carrots, a sliced apple, two tsp of peanut butter and a cup of green tea with milk and sugar. Calories: 370

Progress: Feeling hungry, craving a cheeseburger and sushi, wondering how anybody can eat like this every day AND exercise. I was tempted to go out to eat and order like, everything on the menu.
Total calories: 1118-1168
Fortunately, that's only about half of what I need to get through the day. No wonder I feel hungry. In my defense though, I didn't have much to work with that also appealed to me. But my dad went grocery shopping, so I'll have more to work with and I'll eat more tomorrow.
Goal: Get myself to maintain this healthier way of eating while getting enough calories.

You're probably thinking, "Lexi on a diet?? This is unreal!"

But, let me explain.

So, everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge foodie who is hungry a lot. I have a large apetite and this ability to consume large quantities of food in one sitting. It's become a running joke with my best friend and her family, who in high school would invite me over for dinner because they knew I would inhale anything and everything they put on my plate. Yep, that's me! Proud foodie!

Let's get to the point, here. I'm a proud foodie who does not feel well lately. I've been pretty much eating whatever I want whenever I want, and it's starting to take a toll on me. I'm tired after I eat if I eat too much. I'm also just plain old tired, period. I have no energy to get out and exercise, or even face the day sometimes. My face is breaking out and my skin looks dull and pallid. I also suffer from bloating and other gastrointestinal things you don't need to know about. It's quite disgusting.

I named this new diet "Operation Thrive" because I'm modifying my diet to reach my full potential. I was eating really healthy last summer and exercising almot every day. I remember feeling so good and on top of the world, and I didn't look half-bad either! I was getting great muscle tone and my skin glowed. I didn't need foundation, or even makeup, at all. I slept really well at night, and I had all this energy that I was able to put towards my productivity. I could climb stairs without getting winded! I am trying to replicate that so I can accomplish my everyday routine without stopping to nap for two hours (or taking Beano ;P). So here is my plan: eat a predominantly plant-based diet that's high in fiber and protein (surprise!), and low in junk. By junk, I mean fried foods, excessive amounts of sweets, and anything greasy or processed. My grain intake will mostly be whole-grain bread. Pasta intake will be sparing or in really small portions because it's filling and makes me sleepy. I will also allow myself to eat potatoes because I love them so darn much, but not too often because they are really filling and make me sleepy. I will also allow myself to eat a big greasy cheeseburger or dessert if I want to as well. This isn't about deprivation or making food an enemy or anything like that. It's about doing my body some good by feeding it properly. I will be tracking my progress qualitatively as far as energy, any weaknesses or slip-ups, and goals. I will post daily blogs for the first two weeks, then I will only post weekly.

I feel like there is a huge disclaimer that needs to go with this blog, because there will be that one person who criticizes me and tells me I'm too skinny while ranting off on a tangent about how I'm young and I should enjoy eating what I want when I want while my metabolism is still fast and stop hating my body because I'll miss it when I get old and decrepit and all that and a bag of chips. *long breath* So, let me make this clear right now. And put it in bold, bright red, underlined letters. I'm NOT in this to deprive myself or lose weight! I do NOT hate my body, either; this is for my health. Then there are those few cynics, who I can just picture in my head right now, that will read this and think, "Yeah, right. I'll give her about a week. Then she'll go back to eating everything in sight." I really don't care what you have to say. This isn't about you. Please keep your negative comments to yourself. They really don't phase me because this isn't about impressing anyone or trying to prove anything. I just want to feel better.