Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Original Open Letters to Annoying People Part 1...

Dear Idiots Who Sit Behind Me in Economics and Talk the Whole Period,

  Hey! Long time, no speak! Ever. Remember me? I'm the quiet girl who sits in front of you in Econ that you probably don't remember because we've never even spoken or exchanged glances. Come to think of it, you've never even heard of me before, or of anybody in our class for that matter. Hmmm, wonder why that is. OH! Because you're too busy conversing amongst yourselves as if there's nobody else around who can hear you. Well, I just want to introduce myself and tell you to SHUT THE HELL UP! Seriously! Could you BE any louder? Is there no better time for you to chit chat? What the frick is so important that's keeping you from being lost in the topic of supply and demand and personal finance? Are the number of drinking games you played last night so much more interesting than econ that you have to practically freaking announce it to everyone within a 50-ft radius? Can you not wait until after the class is over to catch up on the mundane details of your idiotic frat-boy lifestyle?

Let's see, how can we fix this? Since you seem to be so hell-bent on disrespecting our professor and making myself and the rest of the class distracted from learning anything with your comments on "that one girl's rack," maybe to make up for lost time I can distract you from your next game of beer pong. Yeah I think I'll stand directly behind you and give a detailed unabriged analysis of the novel I wrote a research paper about for my senior project. How do you like those apples? What? You wouldn't? You mean that's not what people do at parties? Well that's too bad, respectful people don't babble on and on about their poor use of their spare time loudly IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS.

Don't get me wrong here, occassionally I find myself slipping out of focus too. I wouldn't expect any less from a bunch of exhausted college students. But that's not my point. At least I do it discreetly and don't turn to have a side conversation about how I could care less about college and am only going because my parents are paying for it! Most people turn to doodling, or Facebooking. You might try that. Your classmates might appreciate it.


The Fed Up Quiet Girl Who Sits in Front of You