Sunday, May 27, 2012

You Know You're a Grownup When...

  I haven't posted anything in a while, and for some reason whenever I get around to it I almost always happen to be in a bad mood or intensely pensive about something. I figured I'd post something lighthearted and funny. I know a lot of my friends can relate to this because we're all pretty much in the same boat. I got the idea from the blog of a high school classmate to whom I am subscribed.

Without further ado.

You Know You're a Grownup When...

1. You actually make an effort to make sure your room is in at least a state of ordered chaos because you feel that excessive clutter doesn't match the furniture in your bedroom.
2. You have guilt about leaving messes in somebody's house, leading me to #3.
3. You tidy up your room and bathroom without your parents having to ask.
4. You shake your head with disapproval at the lack of fruits and vegetables in your parents' fridge.
5. You actually enjoy grocery shopping.
6. You don't mind cooking for yourself. You also don't mind not cooking for yourself. You also don't mind going without dinner because you're too lazy to cook for yourself.
7. Seeing dust on the furniture and messes in the kitchen make you crazy.
8. You put your laundry away instead of leaving it in a "neat" pile on the floor (!!!).
9. You become health-conscious because you're afraid you'll end up spending your life savings and then some on medical care.
10. Staying in and watching movies become your favorite thing to do on Friday night rather than clubbing.

Clearly clutter doesn't go with the theme of this room.
Maybe the guilt is from Audrey Hepburn staring into my soul...
Mind you, these are very minor and a lot of these are particular to my personality type.

Don't fret though, I still am very much a kid in other ways.

1. I still watch Disney movies. And I sing along to them. Spongebob is my favorite cartoon. Don't judge me.
2. I revel in the glory of being able to eat cake and chocolate for breakfast without anyone having a say otherwise. I don't actually do that, but I could if I wanted to!
3. I enjoy having my apartments/houses to myself solely for the purpose of dancing around in my underwear.
4. I would still wear bows in my hair if I had bows to wear in my hair.
5. The "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series cracks me up.
6. I dance in front my mirror to my ipod while lip syncing into my hair brush. Still (You know you do, too! You just won't admit to it.).
7. I'm still not ready to part with my stuffed animals. Again, don't judge me.
8. I don't understand why everyone is getting married. No, please. Enlighten me on what your hurry is.

I can't believe I posted this on the internet. At least they're all hidden in the corner.

I guarantee there's more. I'll probably continue this post later on or something.