Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Late Late Update... It Rhymes!

I never update this thing in a timely manner.

So, this was in my last status on Facebook. My Tallahassee plans fell through. I called the cinematographer Saturday night to ask him what time I would need to be in Tallahassee Sunday morning and he cancelled. He had some paid projects coming up later in the week. He might reschedule shooting with me. MIGHT.

I need some film gigs to work out for me so I can have a reel. Gahh. Three more weeks to school. Three more weeks to school. And fall auditions.

I am waking up at 1:45 tomorrow and getting on the road by 4 for another audition in Boca Raton. I really hope it all works out. So does every other girl that is auditioning ;)