Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's amazing how little we realize the impermanence of life. We think life as we know it will keep going as we know it until something happens that makes us realize just how different things are, or will be. Especially when it comes to people. We get so caught up in ourselves that we take people forgranted and sometimes we don't even realize we do it until someone is gone.

Now, I find it surprising that I haven't written about this before, being that I've suffered several losses in my short 21-year lifetime, most of them occurring in due time. I've lost pets, uncles, a cousin, an aunt, my great-grandparents, and I lost my paternal grandparents just last summer. I lost one of my high school friends to pancreatic cancer. He was 19. That loss I found particularly unfair. He was a talented dancer and drummer who, if he hadn't died from cancer, would have no doubt made a name for himself. Loss is not at all unfamiliar to me.

However, when a loss occurs suddenly, it seems to really hit home. Even if it's a very indirect loss. A friend of mine from middle school just lost her father in a motorcycle accident. Two days ago, as I was driving back to college actually, he and a friend were stopped at a light and a completely sober woman in a Honda plowed into them both. The friend suffered a broken leg and was released from the hospital. My classmate's father suffered a brain stem injury that left him on life support. They took him off today and he is no longer with us.

I remember the days back in middle school when I was over my classmate's house almost every other weekend. During the summers some Fridays I would stay over her house and Saturday her parents would take us out on the boat. Her dad was always really friendly and welcoming and I always had a good time with that family. It's a shame. One careless mistake made by another person ends this man's life. I can't even imagine what his family feels right now. I know if it were my father I would be absolutely devastated. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Life is not guaranteed. It is easy to create and therefore easy to destroy. It is also unbelievable how unfair it is sometimes.What I really want to point out and advise all my readers (all two of you) is not to take your life for granted. Don't take anything or anyone for granted. Life is impermanent and you never know when it will be taken away. Live life to the fullest. Be on good terms with people. Say "thank you" and "I love you" and mean it. Be safe. Don't drink and drive, or text and drive. Wear a seatbelt. Wear your helmet. And for God's sake, watch out for motorcyclists!