Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tallahassee Tomorrow!

Good news: My car is fixed! It was the throttle that wasn't working. They took it out and cleaned it and took care of it for free! So my car won't be a huge money pit yet again this year.
 Last night I got a call from an MFA cinematographer at FSU, and he needs help with his reel and is getting actors and models together to help him put together some creative scenes for his reel. He is using the Red Cinema Camera, which is the same camera used to film Pirates of the Carribbean. Really good quality. It's not a student film, but it's definitely film experience. He offered to take some headshots, too. I think I might just go up to Tallahassee tomorrow instead of going to Boca. I know the area better, and I can't afford the gas and missing work Thursday.

Ah, the sad financial circumstances of a poor college student. Either way, I'm happy.