Saturday, May 28, 2011

Short Film Gig!

 So, to post an update on the short film (my third post today!), I will be filming in Panacea, FL next week! I have a bit role, and the first line of the film (it's also my only line). I can't post anything else on the film because I don't want to give away too much. As soon as it's finished I will post it everywhere for everyone to see and such... maybe.

Good Things Are Coming For Me. Who's Waiting.

 Ahhhhhhh!! I just got a call for a thesis film that's shooting in the beginning of June! Unfortunately I'm not available for most of the dates they're filming. Gahh!

 The director will call me if the days I am available will work out. Fingers crossed. I feel like I'm getting closer.

 Will Lexi eventually get her screen creds? Keep tuning in periodically to find out stuff.

The Music Man

I made the ensemble! Wheeeeeeeeeeee! I've already posted this on Facebook 7,894,865,766 times!!! The first rehearsal is tomorrow from 2-9. 7 hours! 7 hours to do what I love the best!

In other news, I figured out why I end up broke so quickly. Apparently they charge me $10 overdraft protection fees when I have insufficient funds in my checking account. Now, I thought I was avoiding that by setting my account to take money out of my savings and automatically transferring it to my checking, which they do. But they are charging me an overdraft protection fee. I'm $10 short of what I got paid this week because I didn't transfer funds in time. I'm an idiot. An idiot who needs to pay more attention to her bank account.

You don't care! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

Someone save me from studying, please.