Monday, May 30, 2011

Stuff You Don't Care About

It's late and I have to make this brief so I can sleep, so I'm just going to list everything about today that has happened.

1. Having to replace all my tires on my car, spending $360 altogether for those and my alignment. This came out of my savings. I am now putting myself on money lockdown so I can build my nest egg back up before school starts and I have to job search.
2. Panicking about what will happen if I can't find a job and what other shit I'm going to have to pay for and deal with back at school, and whether or not I really will have my life under control accordingly.
3. Having to tell my poor mother that I can't stay at her house with her because her smoking in the house is too much for me, when I really just want to go back to my mommy's.
4. Finding out that my schedule clashes with the filming schedule of the short I was supposed to be in, and now I can't be in it. I guess getting my first screen cred is still not happening.
5. Being told by the producer that the director and production team really want to work with me in future projects because I was in the top 3 people they chose for the role I was supposed to play. They liked me a lot.
6. Being called by another student production team and asked to be an extra for a film. I can't do it because I can't afford to keep driving up to Tally and back (before the other short fell through).
7. Getting into the residence hall I wanted for the fall. It's a two-story townhouse with two bedrooms and one bath, a kitchen and living room with a study area upstairs. I get three roommates. I'm bound to become good friends with one of them!
8. Spending the day with the love of my life and a lovely other couple today mini golfing, eating Olive Garden, and looking for hermit crabs at Pine Island.
9. Having my evening made by a group of little kids behind us watching the sunset and yelling:
Little Kid #1: Bye, Sun! Have a good time in China!
Little Kid #2: Bye, Sun! Have a good time in New Jersey!

Ok, so maybe there were more positives than negatives happening today, but so much has gone on that I don't know what to make the day at all. I still have an exam to study for, too...