Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thoughts You Could Care Less About

I really need to start writing in this thing more often. Ehhh but I'm so busy and lazy. Let's see... news... news... news... oh! The Music Man was a success, we almost sold out every night and I had a blast. Things are picking up at work. More hours = more money. I'm gonna post some more videos soon of me singing as well. Stay tuned for that. I have an audition Thursday for a spokesperson role in a campaign video for a theater company that is part of a philanthropy foundation in Boca Raton. AND my car is not working properly. If this car thing isn't resolved soon, I might not be able to make the five hour drive to the audition. Come to think of it, I might not be able to go at all. If my car is gonna cost an arm and a leg to fix, I'm not gonna be able to afford to stay in Boca if I DO get the role, let alone gas for the audition. Either way, I don't really think things will be working in my favor. Not a happy camper. So not happy that I threatened my car with beating it with a sledgehammer and leaving it for a younger, prettier car.

Do you think maybe that was too harsh?