Sunday, December 30, 2012

Since we're on the subject of New Year's...

   ...I'm gonna make another blog list. Because that's apparently the only way I can organize my thoughts. I just make lists. Every post.

   This is one of those cliche New Year's Resolution lists where I list all umpteen of the things I plan on doing, maybe two or three of which will actually be accomplished, hence the keyword cliche. I really much prefer to use the term 'goals' over 'resolutions' though, as resolutions sound like permanent solutions to every life problem I'll ever have and thus completely unattainable.

Here goes.

Disclaimer: The italicized ones are top priority.

Now, then.

1. Stop being such a damn perfectionist.
2. Stop seeking approval from everyone.
3. Stop the negative self-talk.
4. Stop worrying about the future.
5. Continue to be successful with your acting.
6. Allow yourself to be happy.
7. Stop letting fear keep you stagnant.
8. Acquire more muscles.
9. Put your demo reels together and start auditioning for agents.
10. Socialize more.
11. Raise that GPA, slacker!
12. Finish the projects you've already started.

   That's all she wrote. Still too long for my liking, but at least I italicized the most important, so at least those ones can be done... maybe.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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