Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things That Cross My Mind a Lot

These are some of the things that cross my mind a lot, especially lately...

I have a weird face. Like, seriously. It's an oval with two little folds that stick out of my jaw next to my chin on either side (if you don't believe me, go look at my headshot!). My nose is asymmetrical and has a massive crease down the center, and my eyes are tiny and so deep-set into my skull that you can't see them without a maglite or some serious eye makeup. My left side looks better than my right. I have weird shadowing too. Not to mention I'm paler than a dead person. How the f*** do people compliment me so much on my looks?? No, seriously! Enlighten me.

You better figure your life out soon before you get another lecture from your mother about how you're lucky to even be going to college and blah blah blah government blah blah blah cutting financial aid blah blah blah bad economy blah!

Why is everyone getting married and/or having babies?? Is there some sort of memo that I did not get about settling down immediately after high school?? People are cranking out babies like a slot machine and getting married and here I am trying to figure out how a simple small-town girl like me is going to even make a remote difference in the world while trying to clasp whatever's left of my carefree youth. It's quite anxiety-inducing itself and I wonder how you guys can fathom that you're bringing life into the world at 22 without having a panic attack.

Parents, as much as you worry and rag on me about my career choices and wanting to change my major, you know you're gonna be proud of me no matter what. Admit it. You KNOW you're gonna be sitting in the front row at graduation sobbing and bragging to everyone that that girl over there getting her diploma and shaking hands with the president of the college is your daughter and she's gonna be somebody someday. Admit it. You won't.

I might have a clearer idea of what to change my major to. I'm pretty excited about it so far. I'm not telling you though until I'm sure of myself. So don't ask me.

I don't get why I'm hell-bent on being an actor when I'm a much better singer.

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