Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To put this out in the open...

  Remember how I said I was auditioning for student films in April? Well, I did. Since then I haven't said a word about it.

  I haven't really posted anything in here about my acting other than mentioning in one entry that I was auditioning for a bunch of things. I guess I haven't posted anything because there's really nothing to post. I'm going through a huge dry spell and sad to admit it. Well, I did. Right there. I skipped out on auditioning for plays at school because it was my first semester and I wanted to get acclimated to the campus and not get into too much too soon. Pretty simple, right?

  I auditioned for student films. It's easy. You get to pick from a bunch of sides they had on a table in a room and then you go upstairs and read from the side on camera. They keep your audition clip in their database and student directors call you back based on your audition, if they like you.

  A while ago I posted on Facebook that I had all these awesome summer plans, all of which fell through, by the way. I specifically said that there was something awesome possibly lined up for me, but I didn't say anything further because I didn't want to disappoint anyone if it didn't happen. And it didn't. So I said nothing further. But I feel like I should put it out in the open because it was quite exciting, even if it did fall through.

I got called back for a student film. A callback! ME!

  I got a callback for a student film. I didn't even think I did well enough at my general audition to even get anything. Apparently I did something right. I read from the side for the director, who was an MFA director, and that was it for my callback. It didn't happen for me. He said "We'll be in touch within the next few days." That was in April. He was supposed to be filming last week. Yeah, it fell through. I had a feeling it would.

  I was a bit down about it. Not about the film specifically, but because everything else fell through and on top of it I had no money or job and not a lot of people to turn to up there. I think I thought by telling people, they would think something was wrong with me and that I wasn't much of an actor if I couldn't get the part. It was my own problem within myself.

  I was viewing this rejection as the glass being half-empty instead of half-full. Instead of being happy that I got a callback, I was pissed cause I didn't have anything going for me. I felt inadequate because everything fell through. But I know I'm not. That's just the business. There's more rejection than job opportunities. It sucks. Realistically I'm going to have to work for a living to pay the bills. Most actors and models do. That's just the way it is. Time to shake it off and keep trying.

Besides, getting a callback is freaking awesome in itself! I'm that much closer :D


  1. At least you made it into the "call back pile" and not File 13. I have faith in you and you will one day be a star!! Love yoU!

  2. Oh Lexi, there's nothing wrong with sharing let-downs, we cannot win them all girl. Find something inspiring to pick yourself back up and go back in for the kill. ;-)

    We'll all be rooting for you no matter what, silly!